Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are a professional American football team based in Baltimore, Maryland. The team was founded in 1996 when the former Cleveland Browns relocated to Baltimore and became known as the Baltimore Ravens. They are a member of the North Division of the American Football Conference (AFC) in the National Football League (NFL).

The history of the Baltimore Ravens is rich with both success and challenges. Let’s dive into the key aspects of this storied franchise.

Franchise History

The Baltimore Ravens have had a relatively short history compared to some other NFL teams, but they have certainly made their mark. The team was named after Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem “The Raven” and has adopted a strong, dark, and intimidating image.

Super Bowl Success

One of the defining moments in the Ravens’ history came in the 2000 NFL season when they won Super Bowl XXXV. Led by one of the greatest defenses in NFL history, the Ravens dominated that season and showcased their defensive prowess by allowing the fewest points in a 16-game season. Ray Lewis, one of the most iconic linebackers in NFL history, was the heart and soul of that defense. They defeated the New York Giants in the Super Bowl, earning their first championship.

The Ravens would go on to win another Super Bowl in the 2012 NFL season, this time under the leadership of quarterback Joe Flacco. They defeated the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, with a memorable halftime show featuring Beyoncé. This victory solidified their place in NFL history once again.

Key Players

Over the years, the Ravens have been home to numerous Hall of Fame players and iconic figures in the NFL. Aside from Ray Lewis and Joe Flacco, some notable Ravens include:

  1. Ed Reed: One of the greatest safeties to ever play the game.
  2. Terrell Suggs: A dominant pass rusher who spent most of his career with the Ravens.
  3. Jonathan Ogden: A legendary offensive lineman and the Ravens’ first-ever draft pick.


The Ravens have fierce rivalries with teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals. The matchups against these teams are highly anticipated and often result in hard-fought battles.

M&T Bank Stadium

The Ravens play their home games at M&T Bank Stadium, a modern and fan-friendly venue. The stadium is known for its raucous crowd and passionate fan base.

Recent Success

In recent years, the Ravens have remained competitive, thanks in large part to their dynamic quarterback, Lamar Jackson. Jackson, known for his incredible athleticism and playmaking ability, has been a game-changer for the team.

Community Involvement

The Baltimore Ravens are also actively involved in the community. They have various programs and initiatives aimed at making a positive impact in the Baltimore area.

In conclusion, the Baltimore Ravens have a storied history in the NFL, marked by Super Bowl victories, legendary players, and a passionate fan base. As they continue to compete in the AFC North, they remain a team to watch and a symbol of pride for the city of Baltimore.

Ravens Mobile App

As of our last update in September 2021, the Baltimore Ravens had an official mobile app to provide fans with up-to-date team-related information, news and content.

To access the Baltimore Ravens app, you can usually download it from your device’s app store, whether you’re using an iOS device (such as an iPhone or iPad) or an Android device (such as a smartphone or tablet). Once installed, you can customize your gameplay and stay connected with your team throughout the NFL season. Please be aware that specific app features and offerings may have changed, so it is recommended that you check the latest version of the app for the most current information and features.