Homefield’s Policy on Abuse & Molestation

HOMEFIELD ABUSE/MOLESTATION POLICY HOMEFIELD will not tolerate the abuse/molestation of any minor participant at a HOMEFIELD sanctioned activity. HOMEFIELD sanctions athletic events in which it provides rules for play and a tournament structure that leads to end of season tournament opportunities for teams that register to participate in HOMEFIELD sanctioned activities that are overseen by HOMEFIELD directors.

We encourage parents (and guardians) who determine the team for a youth team participant, the adult team participants (such as team coaches or team sponsors) of a team, the community organizations who are involved in the organization, creation or management of such teams to thoroughly investigate and screen the background and character of the individuals who coach, manage, volunteer or otherwise come into contact with such teams and their minor participants and to vigilantly supervise any and all activities of any youth team with which they are associated.
Background checks are available, among other places, on-line for a small fee and HOMEFIELD encourages those actually responsible for team activities and the parents (guardians) of youth athletic team members to utilize such tools to limit the exposure of youth athletes to those who might pose a danger.

Because HOMEFIELD is not an organizer, manager or creator of teams, it does not in any way take responsibility for the organization, creation, management or any other activity of the teams (customers) that register to play in HOMEFIELD sanctioned leagues and/or tournaments, except to provide the opportunity to play HOMEFIELD sanctioned events under HOMEFIELD rules as overseen by a HOMEFIELD director.

Teams that participate in HOMEFIELD sanctioned events are customers of HOMEFIELD and no more. When a team chooses to participate in a HOMEFIELD activity, the team, its players, coaches, volunteers, organizers, and its parents and fans must abide by HOMEFIELD rules found in the HOMEFIELD Rule Book, Bylaws, Policy and Procedures and its Constitution with respect to HOMEFIELD activities. Since HOMEFIELD has nothing to do with the practice sessions of a team, choosing of team coaches, the picking of which team to play for, where to eat before, after or during a HOMEFIELD sanctioned activity, the activities with respect to any other sanctioning body, or any other activities of a team (but simply provides sanctioning for registered participation in HOMEFIELD directed activities), HOMEFIELD takes no responsibility for any such other non-HOMEFIELD sanctioned event activities of any team.

While HOMEFIELD is not responsible for checking the background of each of its customers (including the coaches of the teams that play in HOMEFIELD sanctioned events), those convicted or charged with a violent felony or a sex offense with a minor are automatically suspended from all HOMEFIELD sanctioned activities (until found innocent or the charges are dropped). Thus if you are aware of someone who has been charged with or convicted of a violent felony or a sex crime with a minor and that someone is may be in any way involved in a HOMEFIELD sanctioned activity, you should immediately inform your area or state HOMEFIELD director and upon being provided with proof of such charges or conviction, that individual will be automatically suspended from all HOMEFIELD sanctioned activities. For example, if you do a background check on a coach before joining a team and find evidence that he has been charged with having sex with a minor, you should report this to your area or state HOMEFIELD director, even though you have decided to play for another team. Even more important if you are aware of any one who has committed a violent felony or has had sex with a minor that has not been charged, you are obligated to report those crimes to the proper authorities and you should do so immediately.