Robb Heineman, CEO


I’ve always been a supporter of creating great places to play.

Whether you’re a player, a parent, a relative or a fan, the places you go to participate in sports have the potential to be special….but to be honest, many of them fall short. I’ve been really lucky to spend time with many of you in Children’s Mercy Park, Power & Light, Cauldron tailgates and Pinnacle. I don’t need to tell you that those places pulse with energy and a real sense of belonging. These places aren’t just buildings, they represent a movement.

They matter.

Time passes, things change and priorities definitely shift and I started thinking to myself, why can’t these places I spend so much time with my family be better? Why don’t they feel more like the place we want to be? Why can’t we create an environment that feels like Saturday at the stadium? Why can’t they matter, too? The bottom line is…they can.

I want to introduce you to Homefield. My team and I are creating sports, wellness, and entertainment spaces than mean more than just kicking a ball or swinging a bat. We want Homefield to be a part of your daily life and provide you with the experiences and community that make being a part of sports so special.

We won’t be perfect from the start, but like we’ve done before, as we learn what it takes to make something great, we’ll adapt to build a place that is special to all of us.

I hope you and your family come give us a chance. We’re committed to making you a better player, leveling up your fitness, or just providing you a place to have a great time. I know you have many demands on your time; we want to help you focus on what’s really important to you. There’s nothing quite like your Homefield.


Robb Heineman, CEO